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Riccardo centra la medaglia d'oro nella categoria MM40 nella rassegna master a Comacchio

Nel fine settimana si sono svolti a Comacchio (Ferrara) i campionati italiani per le categorie master.

Questa volta l'unico dei nostri in gara era Riccardo che ha corso venerdì pomeriggio nei 3.000 siepi, specialità in cui nel 2007 ha vinto la medaglia di bronzo al campionato del mondo master a Riccione.

Riccardo ha vinto la gara in 10' 23'' 41 precedendo il friulano Walter de Laurentis.

Complimenti Riccardo!


Pubblicato Lunedi 25 Giugno 2012 - 11:18 (letto 10475 volte)
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avatarDa: sconosciuto Data: Lunedi 25 Giugno 2012 - 16:45

Bravo Riccardo, complimenti da tutti noi! Ivan, Laura, Luca e Marco Rensi.:sboing:

avatarDa: sconosciuto Data: Lunedi 25 Giugno 2012 - 17:37

Grande!!!!!!Il nostro capitano!

avatarDa: sconosciuto Data: Venerdi 29 Giugno 2012 - 18:12

:o grazie, gran caldo (32°), è stata una bella gara, vittoria inaspettata che mi ha reso felice. due giorni di mare in tranquillità per rigenerare corpo e spirito. ciao ciao.

avatarDa: unknown Data: Lunedi 23 Luglio 2012 - 05:49

that [quote cmmoent="372909"][quote cmmoent="372891"][quote cmmoent="372886"]If so, who’s side was Ben on? Ben and Widmore feuded famously for decades. They were definitely not on the same side. This leads me to believe that it really WAS MIB in Jacob’s cabin, pretending to be Jacob when he talked to Ben and told him what to do. (So then was it MIB who convinced Ben to kill the DI and lead the Others.)**********************************************Could she have meant MIB? Maybe he was being held captive there in the shack?Ben never talked to Jacob or MIB in the cabin. He never heard anything. Remember when he shot Locke cuz Locke heard Jacob say help me and he didn't.________Tecnically you may be right. But Richard DID talk to Jacob which could have easily been the MIB in disguise (Richard is Ben's connection to Jacob/MIB). Recall how EASILY FLocke convinces Richard to take him to Jacob and then to let him take Ben in too.As to the cabin, Iliana [sic] headed there first thinking Jacob was still there. He was not and hadn't been there for a long time. But someone had been there (giving orders) ursurping Jacobs place How do you know she meant Jacob when she said he hadn't been there for a long time? Well, she also said that someone else had been using it. So, if the he she was looking for and that had not been there in a long time was Jacob, it would mean that MIB had been using it- which would make sense. i.e it was MIB that talked to Locke when he came in with Ben. PPlus we saw Claire in there with Christian.________________would you say Christian is thus the MIB Christians body might be what MIB was using before the body of one of the candidates became available . But considering we saw him with weird Claire, I don't think he is on Jacob's side. Remember he also send Ben out with the donkey wheel to get the candidates back to the island.******************************Not so sure MIB=Christian .I think Christian is going to play a pretty big part of the finale MIB took over Lockes likeness, but not his body, as proven by Ilana and Brahm. We have never seen Christians body, it was lost when the plane first crashed on the island, its lost in the FSW I think Christian may be resurrected somehow and we will have a Jack/Christian confrontation .the fact that we have never found his body is just too strange to me and I feel like MIB=Christian would be too simple of an answer from the writers of LOST

avatarDa: sconosciuto Data: Lunedi 23 Luglio 2012 - 06:29

Wow, I read on and it gets more interesting (wikipedia socure)Mircea Eliade, summarizing bar-Konai's Syriac narration[7], describes the Manichaean cosmogony in his A History of Religious Ideas:In the beginning the two natures or substances , light and obscurity, good and evil, God and matter, coexisted, separated by a frontier. In the North reigned the Father of Greatness in the South, the Prince of Darkness the disorderly motion of matter drove the Prince of Darkness toward the upper frontier of his kingdom. Seeing the splendor of light, he is fired by the desire to conquer it. It is then that the Father decides that he will himself repulse the adversary. He projects from himself, the Mother of Life, who projects a new hypostasis, the Primordial Man With his five sons, who are his soul and armor made from five lights, the Primordial Man descends to the frontier. He challenges the darkness, but he is conquered, and his sons are devoured by the demons This defeat marks the beginning of the cosmic mixture , but at the same time it insures the final triumph of God. For obscurity (matter) now possesses a portion of light and the Father, preparing its deliverance, at the same time arranges for his definitive victory against darkness. In a second Creation, the Father evokes the Living Spirit, which, descending toward obscurity, grasps the hand of the Primordial Man and raises him to his celestial homeland, the Paradise of Lights. Overwhelming the demonic Archontes, the Living Spirit fashions the heavens from their skins, the mountains from their bones, the earth from their flesh and their excretments In addition, he achieves a first deliverance of light by creating the sun, the moon, and the stars from portions of it that had not suffered too much from contact with obscurity. Finally, the Father proceeds to a last evocation and projects by emanation the Third Messenger. The latter organizes the cosmos into a kind of machine to collect and to deliver the still-captive particles of light. During the first two weeks of the month, the particles rise to the moon, which becomes a full moon; during the second two weeks, light is transferred from the moon to the sun and, finally, to its celestial homeland. But there were still the particles that had been swallowed by the demons. Then the messenger displays himself to the male demons in the form of a dazzling naked virgin, while the female demons see him as a handsome naked young man fired by desire, the male demons give forth their semen, and, with it, the light that they had swallowed. Fallen to the ground, their semen gives birth to all the vegetable species. As for the female devils who were already pregnant, at the sight of the handsome young man they give birth to abortions, which, cast onto the ground, eat the buds of trees, thus assimilating the light that they contained. Alarmed by the Third Messenger's tactics, matter, personified as Concupiscence, decides to create a stronger prison around the still-captive particles of light. Two demons, one male, the other female, devour all the abortions in order to absorb the totality of light, and they then couple. Thus Adam and Eve were engendered.[19]Talks about particles (smoky?), abortions (women cannot give birth on the island), Adam and Eve, etc. What do you all think???

avatarDa: sconosciuto Data: Sabato 02 Agosto 2014 - 09:27


avatarDa: sconosciuto Data: Sabato 02 Agosto 2014 - 09:27


avatarDa: sconosciuto Data: Venerdi 12 Settembre 2014 - 10:49


avatarDa: sconosciuto Data: Venerdi 21 Novembre 2014 - 16:01


avatarDa: sconosciuto Data: Venerdi 21 Novembre 2014 - 16:01


avatarDa: sconosciuto Data: Sabato 28 Febbraio 2015 - 17:08


avatarDa: sconosciuto Data: Mercoledi 03 Giugno 2015 - 08:20


avatarDa: sconosciuto Data: Mercoledi 03 Giugno 2015 - 08:20


avatarDa: sconosciuto Data: Domenica 21 Giugno 2015 - 09:45


avatarDa: desconhecido Data: Giovedi 02 Maggio 2019 - 22:29

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avatarDa: desconhecido Data: Mercoledi 22 Maggio 2019 - 01:38

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